Don’t Miss God In Worship


The goal of worship ministry is to seek the Lord, experience his presence, and praise him.

At times, we can be distracted by those minor yet more tangible things. We focus on stuff we can see in the present moment. This doesn’t mean we don’t need those things in corporate worship, but it does mean the worship leader, the team, the pastor, and the congregation must stay focused on what truly matters.

I like this analogy from Bob Kauflin:

“One reason we so often fail to be humbled by worship is that we focus on other things and end up obscuring God’s glory. It would be like visiting the Grand Canyon and being foolishly enthralled by parking signs, souvenir shops, and the railings. We enjoy a picnic lunch, toss a football around, and leave — happy but unaffected by the glory of God’s creation.” – Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters

How can we keep from missing God in worship?

Here are a few thoughts:

Keep God In Focus

Pray before leading worship. Read scripture as you are choosing the song set. Keep God as your focus as you introduce songs, lead people, and invite the congregation to engage.

Remind Your People Of The Purpose

Remind your worship team of the group’s purpose—to help the church sing. Remind the church that they are not an audience but the body of Christ, lifting up the name of the Lord. Reminders like this don’t have to be a big once-a-year announcement but can be woven into your writing, song intros, rehearsal prep times, etc.

Speak The Name of Jesus

There’s power in the name of Jesus! Speak the name of Jesus as you lead in worship – as you pray, encourage, and praise. As the name of Jesus is on our lips, our hearts stay focused on his presence in prayer.

Prepare For The Seemingly Inconsequential Parts Of Worship

Invest time during the week to get the little things in order. When the worship flow is well timed and thought out, the right people have been contacted for their role in the worship, the lyric flow and projection are all ready to go, and the sound is set and ready, THEN you can bring your best on Sunday. These little things, planned well, decrease the barriers for your church to worship, including you freely!

Delegate The Peripheral Stuff

All ministry leaders should seek to delegate! Figure out ways to help others use their gifts for ministry. Allow others the joy of taking on the responsibility for effective ministry – more than just handing off tasks. Delegating will open up space for you to lead the way for the church to grow, for the team to grow in skill and heart, and for the ministry to be effective.