This Christmas – Give Them Jesus


There are many reasons people seem to be more receptive to the gospel message at Christmas.

Some realize that the commercial aspect just doesn’t cut it and can’t bring contentment.

For others, they can’t believe that the incarnate birth has stirred up so much celebration (and at times, contention) for all these many centuries!

For some, the season brings them back to childhood – they miss the story, they miss an era gone by, or family members no longer with them.

And I think they miss Jesus.

I try to steer clear of joking about Christmas and Easter folks – because at least they are there and we have an opportunity to help them connect with Jesus. If a person has ever experienced the love of Jesus, but they have been disconnected from him or the church, I think at the root they miss Jesus! For those who have never really heard the good news and haven’t encountered the grace of Christ, I believe they know they are missing something in life.

So this Christmas, give them Jesus.

I don’t think I can come up with a practical list for this blog post, so I will share some random thoughts.

As a worship leader, say the name of Jesus. We want people to hear the name of Jesus. We want to give glory to Jesus. We want to celebrate Jesus.

Lead great music and have a great plan, but simple is great too! Christmas time may be a time for simple and good. Sing the familiar, sing about Jesus. Add “Away in the Manger” in the line up and do it simply. Sing Angels We Have Heard On High. Sing Hark The Herald Angels Sing. And Sing Joy To The World! You can add a musical or arrangement twist here and there, but be sure to go simple with a few of them. Sing them old school and put the focus on Jesus.


Invite people to give their all to Jesus. Encourage your church to share the name of Jesus. Give your congregation tools to easily invite people to experience Christmas Eve worship and other special things.

Add the element of Good News invitations into every program, musical event, kids ministry event and worship service during the Christmas Season.

Share the good news of Christmas on your personal social media accounts. Flood your outputs, articles, posts, quotes, and images with things that will point people to Jesus this Christmas Season.

Be joyful. Don’t get political. Don’t berate the culture who doesn’t understand Jesus and the gospel story that begins with his birth. Remember what Jesus said, “So the father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21)

Jesus came quietly, humbly and willingly. We are sent this way now, here at Christmas. Share the love. Give gifts. Smile. Make someone’s day. Lead great music, worship and ministry. Care for, celebrate and gift your volunteers and leaders. Be a light to your home and family.

But most of all, this Christmas, give them Jesus.

What will you change this season to put the focus on Jesus?