If you’re just getting started in worship ministry, growth is obvious, but you must be intentional about learning, documenting, and implementing.

If you’ve been at this for some time, especially if you feel like some of your work has gotten in a rut, growth is also one major key to moving ahead.

In either case, continued growth is important in all stages of your ministry leadership.

Don’t ever stop growing! Stop growing, and you stop thriving, leading, and serving well.

Here are three simple ways to keep growing:


Someone once said, “You can tell a person is clever by the answers he gives, but you can tell a person is wise by the questions he asks.” Questions (and listening!) always lead to learning and growth. Ask questions of your team, of other leaders around you, and in your devotion and prayer time. [READ: 23 questions worship leaders need to ask]


The systems you put into place will allow for continual growth. You need a calendar system – marking down in concrete the conferences, meetings, and gatherings that will help you grow. You need great systems for learning new music, charting new songs, recruiting new people, and experiencing creative ministry in churches around the globe. We may not feel like we have time for it, but a system will allow you to make it happen in the midst of life’s whirlwind. A system may be as simple as delegating one small role, or it may be that you listen to a podcast each Tuesday morning or a meeting after church some Sunday with anyone interested in finding out about worship ministry. What about the system of sharing what you’re learning? One of the best ways to grow is to share what you’re learning with others. Create times when you podcast, write or meet with others who want to learn. As you are building great systems in your ministry, you are growing.

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Habits make your goals possible. Little things done each day will stack up to amazing results! What habits do you need to put into place? The habit of personal devotion and prayer? The habit of listening? What about the habit of keeping things clean and organized? Or the habit of praying before rehearsal or after? The list of potential habits is endless, but as you make great, small, and wise choices, your good habits will grow strong and productive!

So, you want to learn and grow a little right now? Here’s a short video about the TEN POINT CHECKLIST FOR WORSHIP LEADERS and the notes… access it for FREE and take a look!