Motivation For Less Worship Hindrances


The perfect church service would be one we are almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God.

– CS Lewis

One common theme for modern worship leaders is excellence. There are many definitions of excellence, and one often centers on removing barriers and hindrances so people are free to worship.

The motivation for fewer hindrances should be care, compassion, and a desire for the congregation to experience more freedom and connection in worship.


If the motivation for excellence in removing barriers comes from a desire for our own status, reputation, or effective ministry, we’re missing a valuable component. As worship leaders, our primary goal is leading people.

I like the quote from CS Lewis. It gives us a motivation for creating the best possible services so that everyone – congregation and leaders – is free to have their full attention on God.

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So how do we strive for perfect services?

Pray and Trust!

Pray our attention would be on God.

Pray our people would come with expectation.

Pray the worship ministry team can use their gifts well.

Trust God to use your church worship service to reach people.

Trust God to use whatever resources and gifts you have and make it happen.

And give your all in both public and private worship.