Five Things Great Worship Team Members Do


I don’t take any of our worship team members for granted! Each one has God-given gifts and skills, invests extraordinary amounts of time learning music and leading worship, and are awesome people. I’m grateful for those in our church, those in our traveling ministry, and I praise the Lord for his presence in our ministry.

Here are five things I have seen these great team members do. They are habits that help make things awesome in worship and leadership – and life in general as we work together.

Respond quickly to communication

One aspect for the success of a worship team is great communication. With the scheduling, arrangement ideas, tech questions, ideas, and other details that come with preparing for worship, it’s handy to when we can respond quickly to each other. If you use, you know how important it is for your team members to let you know yes or no. The lingering “yellow” doesn’t make for easy planning.

This quick communication response applies to both leaders, schedulers and team members, but in either case, quick response in communication is a culture you want to build in your ministry.

Learn music before rehearsal

Excellent team members prepare before rehearsal. One motto I’ve heard before is “Practice at home, rehearse together.” When team members prepare beforehand, it’s caring for the church, for the other members of the team, and for themselves. Of course, there are times when something goes haywire for the week, but on a regular basis (and in a close-to-perfect world) the charts are great, the team is prepared, and rehearsal is smooth and inspiring.

Encourage others on the team

Great team members encourage one another. This happens before, during and after rehearsal. You can encourage team members on their skill, instrument, or other things going on in life. We can thank the tech and sound team and we can pray for each other.

Serve off stage as much as on

The larger the church or ministry, the more team members may be focused on a specific role of ministry. However, it’s nice when team members are able to serve – and have a heart for serving – both on and off stage. This may mean taking on a tech role now and then, helping with another ministry, or just being in attendance in worship on Sundays you’re not “on.”

Pray for the ministry

Great team members pray for the ministry, the church, the pastor, and for the team. Team members spend time in prayer together, help lead and pray aloud for the team and trust God to work through prayer.