Saying “Thank You” Is A Good Investment In Your Team


Typically band members, vocalists and tech teams go all in. They love what they do and they are thankful for the opportunity to do it.

But never forget they are your volunteer team. Thank them for their ministry. Create some systems for saying thanks to your worship team on a regular basis.

Here are eleven ideas to thank your worship team:

  • Verbal thanks during your Sunday morning prayer time.
  • Verbal thanks as people are packing up after the worship service.
  • Stop by the tech booth just before or during the service to say thanks to those serving in the back.
  • Create systems like a Sunday afternoon text to tell people thanks!
  • Create a private facebook group to post a picture of your team from the weekend or a special event – tell your group thanks.
  • Send a card in the mail for someone who has gone above and beyond.
  • Write about and thank your team in church publications when you can.
  • Tag worship team members on Social Media and say thanks.
  • Set up a special “Volunteer Appreciation Event” for your worship team and say thank you.
  • Give your team “worship ministry swag” and freebies from time to time.
  • Tell their spouse/families thanks from time to time. Volunteering in worship ministry takes hours each week and it’s good to thank the household for the incredible indirect role they play.

Saying thank you is important for each leader to build into their systems and habits. It will make a huge impact on your team and on you!

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