God Is More Than We Can Imagine


“Left to ourselves, we tend immediately to reduce God to manageable terms.” – A.W. Tozer

God is the creator of the universe. The brightest star in the largest galaxy is just like a piece of dust to God. The largest mountain or deepest valley is right at his fingertips.

In Matt Redman’s book, Facedown, he talks about the “otherness of God.” God is pure and matchless. He is so unique that nothing even comes close to him.

But too often as a church we lose the wonder of the extraordinariness of God. We somehow bring God down to the ordinary.

There is a beauty in the fact that God is in our everyday lives – in the ordinary, in the mundane and cares about each little thing. But the fact that God is omnipresent – everywhere at once – is yet another reason to never lose the wonder of the powerful nature of God!

God is more than we can imagine. God is all-powerful. And he is not like us. It’s hard to comprehend or even try to write about it, but God is self-sustaining, all-knowing, and doesn’t need anything from anyone. There is might and majesty that, if we fully were able to experience would literally blow our minds. In fact, in scripture, the light of God was so much that if you fully looked upon it, you would die.

All this leads us to an interesting place as worship leaders.

We have the privilege of leading people to worship God but we can’t reduce it to formulas, production, and presentation.

There is power in leading, singing, and worshipping God, but we must not live like this only happens for 75 minutes during the weekend.

God must be the first place in our lives – but it doesn’t mean we understand everything about God. We must live in a humble, desperate, and childlike posture as we trust God in faith.

We do not make God in our image – manageable, tidy, simple. We must pray bold prayers, trust in miracles, believe his word and lead the church toward God alone!

We’re inviting the church to grow in Christ – each of our team members, other leaders and the congregation. This takes sacrifice, focus, time and hard work.

As we keep learning more and more about Jesus we realize just how amazing he is! The power of the resurrection, the miracle of salvation and the life in the Holy Spirit.

God is more than we can imagine.