If you are currently dealing with a major mental health challenge, seek help: 800-273-8255 or contact Fresh Hope.

The month of May has been dubbed the Mental Health Awareness Month. We were glad to talk with two different folks on the podcast, both of which are musicians, have served in local church ministry and have also experienced major mental health challenges.

It’s more than just dealing with it, it’s about learning to live whole and healthy lives in spite of it. These challenges do not define us, but like any other issue in our bodies, requires some work, some help or some medical intervention. There is no shame in seeking a counselor or medical professional for these matters.

For those who serve on the stage in local church worship ministry – worship leaders and team members, we’re prime targets for these issues. Here are just a few:

  1. The burden of the perception that everything needs to be great in life.
  2. The people pleasing side that often accompanies artists and musicians by nature and is great for connecting with an audience or congregation, but is tough to shoulder on your own when it overwhelms.
  3. The passion side of the creative mind – the ability to stay up all night, lose track of time to just create, compose or connect can also add fuel to the fire when not in check.
Brad Hoefs is the founder of Fresh Hope For Mental Illness (Episode #67). [Listen]
Scott Box is a worship leader and author of Heroic Disgrace (Episode #65). [Listen]

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Thank you to each of these podcast guests! They share about their journey with bipolar, depression and other issues and how they are overcoming. It’s encouraging for anyone to listen to.

Here are some quotes from the podcasts:

“Remember, you’re not a human doing, you’re a human being.” – Brad Hoefs

“I couldn’t just lead music anymore, I had to figure out a lifestyle of worship.” – Scott Box

“I don’t want to just deal with it, I want to live a healthy life in spite of it!” – Brad Hoefs