Honor is an important mix of respect and integrity. A person can honor someone else by respecting them in word and action. Honor is also about keeping one’s word – honoring what has been said and making it happen. When someone else has placed faith in a person to accomplish something or to fulfill an agreement – the honorable thing to do is fulfill it.

Each of these five ways of showing honor requires a humble posture and heart. It’s less about you and more about those you join in serving, those you serve and God who has called you.

Here are five areas where worship leaders show honor in their ministry:

Honor The Time

Don’t be late to rehearsals or meetings (or worship services!). Don’t go over the scheduled time very often. There are times when it may happen, but if you consistently are going over rehearsal or worship service end time, either officially change the time or become more efficient in rehearsal prep. Don’t overschedule or double book yourself or your team members. Another reason to become great at honoring the time is that it will allow to grow in the discipline of honoring time at home with friends and family. Don’t miss this important aspect of living a faithful life.

Honor The Preparation

Rehearsal is like a contract and if you need to change something, apologize. Honor the time your team needs to prepare and feel ready. Be sure to have the material needed so they can practice well. Honor the skill level of your people – stretch them, yet be patient. You must also honor the preparation of your heart – practical things like sabbath, prayer life, time in God’s word are all a huge part of preparing your heart and your mind for leading God’s people.

Honor Your Pastor

Work hard to uplift and support the pastor. Engage and challenge with a humble spirit. Encourage and boost. And bend over backward to work together to accomplish unforgettable worship times in your congregation. Do all you can with what you’ve been given to work with. Don’t overload your pastor, but be resourceful with all that is at your disposal to make things happen without commotion.

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Honor Your Church

Your church has given you an opportunity to live out your gifts and calling. Do as much as you are able. Grow and learn and become more and more effective. Don’t talk badly about your people. Lead lovingly and be inviting. Learn how to delegate, invite, recruit and ultimately replace yourself so that you are not only leading now but in the future through your current work. Honoring your church means giving 100% each day, right where you are, until God leads you somewhere different.

Honor God

Honor God with your words, your heart, your home, your work ethic, your faith and your worship. Live a life with integrity and be authentic. Repent of even the smallest gap between life on stage and private life. Be a worshiper and a faithful follower and from there, God will fill you up to overflowing. Honor God with your very best. Honor God with glorious worship and a desire to use up every gift you’ve been given.


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