Don’t Miss Out On The Joy Of Serving!


I spend a lot of time inviting people to serve in ministry.

Most often these days, it’s scheduling through planning center and inviting people to help with worship music, hospitality or tech ministry.

But as we put those schedules together, it’s so much more than “filling the slots.”

The idea of using our gifts to serve in the church has huge implications!

As we serve in music and worship we’re helping to encourage, strengthen and inspire the church to praise God.

As we serve in hospitality, we are using our gifts to help others feel at home in worship and in the church.

As we serve in tech ministry, we’re helping to create an environment where people can engage in worship both in the building and online.

Using our gifts helps bring about more fulfillment in our lives because God created us on purpose with these gifts in mind.

So, as a leader, when I’m inviting people to join in these roles, I’m not just filling slots – I’m inviting you to invest your gifts in kingdom work. I don’t want you to miss the joy of serving! It’s a blast to be able to get together with others on Sunday and enjoy working together, being the church and striving to the gospel mission each week!


I’m totally comfortable talking with those on my team and finding out if they are up for serving this week or next. If you can’t, just me know. I realize we all have so many fronts – and part of your faithful walk with Jesus includes work, devotion life, rest time, family time, trips, visits to kids, events, etc. That’s the sharing life part – feeling free to let me know you’re available or not available. Again, it’s not just the time slot or the serving role, it’s the opportunity we have to minister together to accomplish great things.


There’s no one person can do all of these things! One person can’t be a worship band. One person can’t do all the greeting or tech ministry. It takes a ton of people each doing their part! And the reason we want to have so many is so that we can do more than the bare minimum! What if as guests came into worship they were astounded at the warm welcome from so many people as they entered! The church can be inspired by the number of people involved in using their gifts in music and worship. It’s more than just the basics, it’s powerful times of worship and ministry together.


One of the ways that people can find joy in serving is to use the gifts God has given them to line up with the role they are in. If you’re serving in an area that drains out, just determine to make a change. Find a different place to serve. Don’t just give up and fade away from the idea of ministry service. In our ministry here, I want to keep growing the culture that if you discover that you’re not enjoying something any longer, you step down, take a break, find something new to be a part of! There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s one crucial part of making things work for the long haul.


I want to keep growing our worship team and others in our orbit to realize that each person makes a difference. It’s not just the pastor or leader with a bunch of supporting roles. Each person involved is making a difference with their very specific role! I think that’s a powerful illustration of the strength of the church! God’s spirit at work in millions of people every single week and the church has become the global powerhouse that it is!

If you are a pastor, worship pastor or ministry leader who feels worn out always inviting people to join you every seven days — try adding this tweak to your frame of reference: You aren’t just filling the slots, you’re inviting people to experience the joy of serving.


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