Most of us love the rags to riches stories that define success. We’re inspired by such stories and testimonies.

In worship ministry circles, many of us are in the same way inspired by the incredible creativity and artistry in many of the well-known worship bands, teams, and organizations. We’re amazed by their success.

Depending on our role, we may be tempted to push hard, to grow the worship team, to set the bar really high and to move to the next level. All those things can be good – but don’t forget that you are a leader who serves your people.

One thing you can do this year, no matter what size of the worship team or church you’re in, is to serve your people.

As I recently read in a book called The Mind Of Christ by Dennis Kinlaw, Jesus was the only person who did the opposite of rising to the top. He did the exact opposite of the “rags to riches” scenario many people seek to accomplish. Jesus, instead, went from riches to rags. He came from glory to a manger.

While he lived his earthly life, he taught his disciples what leading really was. It was opposite of what most people would think.

It’s not about getting to the top. It’s not about becoming the best. It’s not about being well known. It’s not about excellence, great time management, or effective ministry. True leadership is about serving.

The last night Jesus was with his disciples, he described this with the action of washing the feet of his disciples.

I’m not sure what serving looks like in your leadership, but as we begin a new season, and with the effects of the [2020-2022] pandemic still full throttle, I’m sure your team needs to sense your servant heart in leadership. They need to experience it in practical ways. Make it a priority to serve your people well. Model what Jesus did – sacrifice, stoop low, and lead with the heart and mind of Christ.

How will you serve your church and your team this week?


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