Start Something New


Starting something new can be a boost to your ministry. Any season can be a good opportunity to begin something new!

Many churches have experienced a freshness in doing new things during this COVID-19 pandemic. For some, going online was an adaptation from scratch. For others, though they may have been well-versed in the digital world, they are now doing ministry solely through digital means.

Whether it’s a whole new ministry, a new idea, or simply a new component to help engage people, starting something new can really make an impact. Starting something new can:

Boost Creativity

As you think of new things, you’re going to boost creativity. People will be encouraged to learn new skills and new ways of doing things. As you talk together and try something unknown – whether it’s as simple as a new song or a whole new ministry – you’ll be inviting people to boost their creativity. Who knows what might come from it!

Create Momentum

Something new will create momentum. It takes some energy to get new things off the ground. But new things also create a new sense of energy for your team and leaders.


Develop Leaders

Speaking of leaders, new things create new ministries and new needs for people to lead. One of the best ways to develop a leader is to allow them to take the reigns for an idea or initiative they have and let them lead. Often, leaders are developed as passion grows in them and opportunities arise where they can serve.

Utilize Other’s Gift

New things help utilize others’ gifts. There are lots of gifts in your church and in your team. If you’re feeling called to begin something new, there is someone in your midst who has the gifts that can be invested. They will become motivated by something they are part of getting off the ground.

How do you start something new?

Get down to the root of your ministry. “Why” are you serving in this ministry? Why do you lead in your church? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

When you begin with “why,” you get down to the nitty-gritty, regaining clarity of when you began. What new things might emerge like they did when you first started?

The second way is to look for needs. Where are the needs you can meet? Out of this, new things are often born.

Don’t be afraid of failure, but jump in and do your best to think of something new now and then. It will benefit you, your team and the whole church.

Get in the habit of starting something new in your ministry. What can you begin?