Worship Leaders Must Communicate Well


Good communication is critical to leading, growth, planning, connection, and community.

What are some areas where worship leaders need to communicate well?

Communicate the goals

What are the worship team’s goals? Why are you here? How do you need to remind people of the basics so they can work together to accomplish it? How will they know they succeed? Share the vision with the team regularly.

Communicate the schedule

Your team needs to know when they are serving. If you rotate band members, schedule them out 3-5 weeks in advance. Let your team know if you’re adding a rehearsal, have a unique service, or have some other quirk in the schedule!

Communicate with team leaders

Make sure you keep your team leaders in the loop. What does the sound team need to know about this week? What does the video team or computer graphic operator need to have to do their job well this weekend?

Communicate with the pastor and leadership

You want to stay in touch with the pastor weekly or at least regularly. What message series is coming up? What questions do you have to help keep things moving forward? You may also want to debrief with your pastor to ask how things can improve.

Communicate with the congregation

Plan out what you will say on Sunday morning. What will be your call to action for the church this weekend? How will you help equip and train the congregation to be singers and worshippers during the corporate times?

Communicate with volunteers

Share information with your team. Encourage those who serve in ministry with you.