One job of the leadership team is to evaluate.

Evaluation is a key element to improvement, new ideas, overcoming issues and ministry growth.

For worship leaders, evaluation is crucial because there are so many components, many of which you may not even be experiencing fully. For example, last week, someone commented on the way the video screens were set up when a song was being sung. I had no idea, but they liked it.  A few weeks back, the soundboard went out for the first verse of a song, then came back on. Since the sound stayed on in our monitors, I didn’t even hear about the issue until after the service was over. And those are just a couple of functional things.

Here are some questions to ask to help evaluate:

  1. What was engaging? What worked well?
  2. What did we want people to do in response today? Did they?
  3. What fell flat today?
  4. How was the flow of the worship service? Did anything hinder it?
  5. What could be improved in my leadership to help make it better?

Of course, God still moves, even through our weakness, but we still strive to do the best we can each week!  That’s where evaluation comes in.

Here are five tips about evaluation:

  1. Leaders must be comfortable with being frank with each other.
  2. Evaluation should focus on issues, not personalities.
  3. Major conversations should wait until Monday.
  4. Don’t only focus on negative.
  5. Invite evaluation from others who are serving with you.
  6. Assign a name – who will be responsible for this going forward? How will it get fixed? Who’s job is it?

Build in a rhythm of evaluating. It’s one big key to bring improvement and becoming more effective.