Worship Leaders Must Become Like Great Tour Guides


Say you get everyone on board a plane and you head to Europe to see all the great sights. But instead of everyone talking about the great and amazing historical sites, all they do is stay on the plane and talk about it.

The method of getting there shouldn’t be the main focus.

We can’t get stuck so focused on the methods that we miss the main attraction.

The main attraction is Jesus, and worship is the method of being in communion with him.

The tour guide isn’t the main focus.

The main goal of the worship leader is to know where you’re heading and to invite others to see and experience the glory of God.

The tour guide must prepare. You’re leading a group of people and they are counting on you to show the way. Much like getting lost while driving, if you’re all by yourself, it’s kind of an adventure. But if you’re taking a group, it’s much more stressful. The more people you’re leading, the more details you need in place.

You’re preparing for the worship team and for the congregation. And you’re also preparing your own heart – being alone with God so that as you show up you can serve. You have to be full when you come in ready to show the way.

How does a tour guide know the people are connecting and enjoying?

In some cases, you may never know.

But if a group is engaged in a tour, they will take lots of photos, smile, ask questions, respond and compliment.

In worship, one main goal for the worship team is to get the people to sing. You also want to encourage them to worship with their outward actions. As you do these things, and as they keep returning to grow together and worship, things will be great.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as the tour guide. Do your best. Have fun. Make it nice. But it’s God with whom people need to connect. It’s Jesus they need to see. As they do, they will be in awe and their lives will grow in community with other another and the Lord Jesus. The worship leader has a big job, but it’s not to be the main thing – you’re a servant, leading the way, holding open the doors!


Podcast Episode #51 with Tia Turnipseed, Restore Church.