The Big Three For Worship Team Leadership


We once posted the three basics to make your team really hum musically and practically.

This post is about leadership for the worship team, and here are the big three you will always be involved in:

  1. Relationships
  2. Communication
  3. Organization

Your effective ministry will most often hinge on a few things, and as you do those things well, the other stuff will fall into place.

That’s why it’s so important to have these three bedrocks in place.

Let’s take a look at each for a moment.


Building relationships is a key piece to ministry. People don’t generally volunteer for institutions, they volunteer for people! Relations with your team, your church staff pastor and co-workers and the church folks in general, will make a difference in your life and ministry. It will be more rewarding and fun. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy – relationships aren’t a science. They ebb and flow the times and seasons. Which is why, for right now, you invest time loving your people and be 100% present in your current ministry/folks as long as you are there. Good relational ministry includes: being available, being connected, being present, listening, thinking of others, remembering details, and more. This is how team work can work best and discipleship happens here too. A few tips I use: I have someone help me send thank you notes, I try to keep up on any birthdays that come my way via facebook, I try to post photos from various ministries and Sundays on our worship team facebook page and I try to get details done before people show up for worship rehearsals and set ups so we can visit.


If you’re not letting your people know what’s going on, you’re missing the opportunity for growth, for the use of gifts, for connection and belonging, and for the details to fall into place. Your team will feel more included and more connected when they know what you expect and what to expect in general. What does a worship leader communicate: 1) the ongoing vision 2) the why behind all the hard work 3) major things coming down the pike in the overall church, 4) your appreciation, 5) what big things are coming up in the ministry and 6) parties, community building event dates, etc. Great communication stems from great organization.


Good organization will open space for your team to do their best. It will help them prepare, be ready and have time to plan. Great ideas (with plenty of advance time) will allow people to use their gifts for kingdom work, even with a full plate and busy life. It’s a loving gift to let your team know what songs are coming up, who is on the schedule and everything else you can. It’s also very kind to your volunteers to be ready for them, to be on time for meetings and rehearsals and to give them what you tell them you give them (links, songs, files, etc). Organization in ministry requires some thinking and it may require delegation as well! But don’t give up. And for sure don’t keep repeating the phrase to yourself, “I’m just not organized.” You are given charge over your team at your church right now and you gift to them can be to be as organized as possible.

Build relationships, communicate and get things organized and you will be amazed at what all begins to fall into place in your ministry!

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