Five Ways To Prevent Worship Leadership From Becoming A Drudgery


You want to become a great worshipist (that’s a word I just made up). Someone who knows psychology is a psychologist. Someone who helps others with the ins and outs of nutrition is a nutritionist. So as a worship leader or team member, you both worship and help others worship well. You’re a worshipist.

No one wants their worship leadership role to become drudgery or a heavy burden. This is the case for both volunteer team members and paid worship leaders.

It doesn’t mean every week has to be great – like everyone else, you will have a bad day here and there.

But I’m talking about the kind of experience where you begin dreading Sunday coming around so quickly.

Here are five reminders to make sure you’re doing all you can to make it simple, effective and meaningful.

1. Seek Jesus

Remain in him and he will remain in you. Apart from Jesus, you can do nothing. If you’re trying to lead the church in your own strength, it will become overwhelming. You must seek Jesus, his heart for your people, and his strength for your leadership.

2. Grow Others

I can think of few things in worship ministry that help infuse a jolt of energy more than growing others to serve. As you invite new people in (to join the team or just serve as a guest here and there), you add a new and energetic aspect to that day or season. New people ask questions, bring energy, and help remind everyone in the group how important it is to keep raising the bar. One great way to grow others is to invite and encourage the worship-leading skills of students in your church.

Another aspect of growing others is empowering team members to take on roles in ministry. From scheduling to planning to leading, others in your circle can help make things easier to manage.

3. Plan Ahead

This may be the most practical piece of advice to ease the burden of all the weekly elements on your shoulders – plan ahead! If you find yourself in the week-to-week scramble, it can really wear you and your team down. Go out for about three weeks and start there – schedule and confirm the music and tech teams. Choose some music that fits with the message or just choose some general great worship songs that lift up the name of Jesus. Listen to this podcast on advance planning.

4. Stay Grounded

Remember, you’re called to be in your church serving during this season! It doesn’t mean you won’t move on eventually, but for now, serve 100%! Love your people and the teams you lead. Stay grounded in the mission to help lift up the name of Jesus and invite your congregation to grow in worship. Learn all you can from other congregations, but don’t get caught in the comparison trap. Stay enthusiastic about your ministry and lead the way with confidence.

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5. Remain Connected

Don’t carry the burden of weekly ministry on your own! Find others with whom you can share the struggles, successes and joys! One great way to do this is to be a part of a small group, a cohort, or a worship leader’s social media group. Remain in connection and in communication with your pastor as you plan and serve together. And also work hard to keep a great balance of ministry at work and ministry at home.