Encouragement And Steps To Hire A Part-Time Worship Leader


This post include some practical advice and encouragement for hiring a part-time worship leader.

Many churches look to a part-time leader to help form or keep their worship band moving forward. There are some unusual challenges when you are in this stage. You need consistency, ability, and leadership, but you’re not at the point of hiring for a full-time worship leadership position.

It’s not always easy to find local part-time worship leaders, but be encouraged! Every small to medium size church is in your same boat. It’s isn’t easy. But there is hope that these roles are growing in popularity and skill among younger and older musicians are increasing in the worship ministry world.

First thing: determine what you need.

There are roughly three levels to think of when hiring for worship leadership:

LEVEL 1 – Musician: Leads songs for Sunday worship, part of a midweek rehearsal. ($3600-7500/yr)

LEVEL 2 – Leader: All of level one, plus helping to recruit team members and pull them together as a team on a regular basis, plan with with the pastor, etc. ($7500 – $20,000/yr)

LEVEL 3 – Worship Ministry Director: All of level one and two, plus developing worship flow, overseeing or working directly with tech ministries, helping to pastor and shepherd the teams, instilling leadership, planning, admin, creative components to worship and the congregation. ($20,000-$50,000/yr)

These levels are mentioned here so pastors and church leadership teams have a rough sense of expectation. If you’re expecting level three leadership with level one pay, you and the leader will get frustrated. But there’s hope. Breaking out the various roles and discovering ways as a church to make it happen is powerful, especially if you are just now for the first time hiring someone to help lead.

Where do you begin to look for part-time worship ministry leaders?

Within Your Church — is there someone who may be able to groom into the position? 

Your Students – this is a long game, but what teenagers in your church or community circles may be able to help?

Link On The Church Website – have the job post ready to go and share it. It’s the best way to get it around.

Contact Other Worship Leaders – make connections with other church staff worship leaders in the area – musicians flock together 

Talk With Universities – you may not be near a university, but reach out to see how you might connect with student musicians or professors.

Share On Social Media – share the post on social media through worship leader and musician groups.

Seek Local Musicians – there may be some local musicians around the community who would love to play, but may need some direction in worship leading.

Network Through Congregation – Invite your congregation to get the word out – see who they may know.

Start With Short-Term – maybe someone come the first sunday of each month or for three months of something to help get the ball rolling?

Pray For The Right Person – of course, you’re already doing this, but spend time in prayer and invite others to as well. 

Until you find the right person situation work on the worshipping nature and culture of your congregation.

Bringing in a young guitar playing worship leader won’t automatically move your congregation or grow your church. It starts with the heart. Help your church learn to worship – no matter how much you have to work with. Worship can happen outdoors, with acappella music and no screens. Take it down to the basics – start with the heart. Talk with them about the direction and invite people to pray with you for the right person to come help lead music.

Music is a big part of worship, but it’s not the only part. Worse than not having anyone to help lead is to have the wrong person in place. Be patient and expectant. Spread the word far and wide and stay on it until you find someone!

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