Change Your Worship Team Culture With These Simple Steps


I’ve heard it said that culture overrides vision in getting your team where you want it to be.

Vision is still important, but no matter how many times you share the vision, if the culture of your team or organization is working against it, you won’t get far.

Determine Your Culture Goal

Culture is a huge key to your ministry effectiveness and the spirit of the team. One of the reason it’s so difficult to change culture is that you’re never starting from scratch – a culture already exists. It takes pinpointing the culture you have and determining how you’d like it to be different.

For a worship ministry, it’s best to think of just a couple of things to work on this year and get that set. Here are some examples of cultural goals: spiritual growth as a group, being more punctual, practicing before coming to rehearsal, kindness, and encouragement, or willingness to try creative things.

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Now you take some steps.

Keep Living Into It

Start living your life practicing those components of the culture you want to build. Keep doing it. Keep highlighting it. Keep writing and talking about it.

Build On What You Have

The best way to change a culture is to build on the good things you have going. Take stock of those places where you see it working well.

Notice When People Are Doing It

Really celebrate when you see it going well! For example, go ahead and begin at the start time with whomever is there.

Share It

Share your ideas for building a great culture. Talk about the culture a lot. Share it in one on one conversations with some of the key leaders.

Invite People To Join You

Invite your team and leaders to join you in the process of shifting the culture. Often having a reason for a culture shift will be motivating. Reasons may range from more successful ministry together to one that often inspires me – getting things good and ready for those who will be following behind us to serve in leadership. Also, invite people to join you in prayer for your ministry and team. This is always a great invitation.

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