Worship Leaders Will Never Succeed In Public Worship Without Private Worship


The emphasis on public worship is important. I believe Christians should gather for public worship and leadership teams should lead excellently. In terms of music for public worship, there has literally been an explosion in recent years. This has created something of a pedestal for worship leaders – from the Hillsongs, Bethels and Elevations right down to you! Your church places a big emphasis on public worship and by default, you and your worship leadership teams.

But before there is success in effectively leading public worship there must be passionate private worship.

What does the idea of private worship look like to you?

Do you have a picture in your mind of having worship in your home each morning? Does it mean pulling out a guitar or piano? Is it just praying? What is private worship?

It could be any or all of those things. And one thing we know worship leaders can’t take their people when they haven’t been.

So here are some ways to keep the fires of private worship burning so your leadership in public is authentic and fresh:

Worship With Your Life

Scripture teaches us that worship is life (Romans 12:2). Shift your thinking to realizing even the most mundane tasks can be worship.

God’s Word

Scripture calls us, shapes us and challenges us. And as we read it, we see people who were broken but used. They sinned, but looked to God’s holiness and worshipped him.


Pray without ceasing may look like a prayer before meals, prayer in the morning and evening, praying for others as they talk with you about life struggles and prayer for your family, church, pastor and team. I have found that praying aloud is a good way to set up a time of private worship. It means you’re alone someplace, and in most of our lives, that takes some planning.

God’s Creation

Taking a hike or visiting a beautiful area of nature can be inspiring and lead us to reflect on the majesty and power of God! Worshipping God outdoors is an awesome way for many people to connect.


I will often get to church early and play piano in the sanctuary. Singing or playing and taking time to give God glory aside from rehearsal and prep is a great way to worship. Sing along with music playing or just sing songs that come to mind. Writing music to a Psalm is another way to worship. Doesn’t have to be singable, recordable, or social media/video worthy – just sing it to the Lord as an act of worship. Another cool possibility is to put your prayer to music.

Attend Worship

Private worship may also nvolve finding ways to attend worship with other believers and not be leading/serving. Maybe this is something that happens on occasion, but visit a friend’s church, stop by another church while you’re on a vacation or trip and worship without the confines of being in charge. Though you’re with others, it’s not the church family you’re leading and it frees you up to worship in a different way. Engaging in worship services online is another way for this to happen.