Worship Leaders Must Be Patient


I talked with a worship leader friend who mentioned how he had been at his church for five years. He said, “When I arrived, they just looked at me while we sang. It’s taken me five years to get them engaged, moving, and learning to worship outwardly!”

A strong and vibrant worship ministry doesn’t happen overnight. I have talked with many people who have spent three to seven years building the culture they want to see. Here are some areas in worship ministry where you may need to pray for patience.

Response Of The Congregation

It takes time – and kindness – to invite the church to grow in outward worship response. It will require intentionally inviting, calling, and, most of all, modeling. So much of worship leadership is visual. Be patient as you keep growing close to Jesus and inviting your church to do the same.

Cohesive Volunteer Team Members

Recruiting and building the team requires some solid systems and invitations to people. You must be patient as you build your team and help them grow together. Excellence breeds excellence and the time to make that culture correct is at the beginning, if you can! There are lots of great ways to build community, and both extroverts and introverts can be highly successful at doing so! read more ideas

Systems and Structures

Systems and structures are your friends! Of course, you can always be flexible with people, and nothing is ever perfect, but pre-written systems, as simple as they are, are life-giving! You want a system for when you choose songs, how and when you schedule, and how people accept their roles on any given day. You want a system for meeting with your pastor and choosing songs. You want a system for how songs get entered into the video presentation. One example of a system is how people become involved with your ministry team. Take a moment to write out the process, even if it’s only three or four steps. It will help you recruit! At times you have to tweak your systems… and for sure, be patient with yourself and others! more about systems | develop your team

Relationships With Your Leaders

I think it’s great to have community with your leaders and team members. This takes time. In fact, I’m sometimes a little worried if friendships develop too quickly! You want it to percolate a bit, move slowly, and balance good barriers while being vulnerable as a leader. One ingredient is longevity, but patience is essential as you work with your people!

Relationships With Your Church

Stay patient as you work with your pastor, staff, and church boards. There is a give-and-take, and it takes time to build relational capital in your church structure and ministry. Be patient with your co-workers, congregations, and ministry teams!

Team Creativity

Building the kind of synergy that brings about innovation and creativity will take some time. Be right in the middle of it, encouraging, inviting, and helping your church use its gifts to the best of its abilities! read more

Budget and Resources

Every worship leader I know wishes they had more money to spend! Budgets can grow, but it takes some prayer, intentional planning and faith! Hang in there! read more