What Your Team Needs During This Crisis


These five attributes take on a different sort of feeling once you’re in the middle of a crisis. Here are some things your worship team still needs from you as the world suffers from the Covid -19 Pandemic and our nation endures the quarantine:


Pray for your team and let them know you’re praying for them. Pray together for the church and for your community. Write out prayers for your team through email or on social media. Pray for this virus to end swiftly.


Figure out ways to connect – through Facebook groups, through Zoom / Hangout meetings, or texting and email loops. Your team members need to stay connected to you, to each other and to the church.


As rapid as this has all come upon us, it’s been difficult to keep things straight. Do your best to be clear and concise about what steps you’re taking, what your church is doing and what is needed. If you’re still meeting in the church building to record the services, make sure all the details are in place ahead of time. Also be clear about your expectations; for example, we want to honor any team member’s decision to self!quarantine and we want to encourage people to back out if they are feeling sick.


Keep the mission and vision in front. We will eventually be meeting in person again. Who knows, our church may have grown by then! Our system may have changed for the better. Our technology should definitely be enhanced. We will be stronger having come through this. Our church and our worship ministry are still being called to be faithful. God is still in control.

Care and Compassion

Stay alert to the needs of your team and their families. It probably goes without saying that we shouldn’t take this too lightly or make jokes. As time goes on, we will all know someone who has gotten the virus, and there’s a good chance we may know someone who will die from it. Find out how your team is doing, where they need prayer, and have a dose of compassion on the whole situation. It’s not easy on anyone.

From what I’ve seen, these things have happened naturally the first two weeks, but as this wears on with no clear end date, these five needs will continue to grow.