Three Big Picture Issues For Worship Leaders


Every worship leader will tell you the details before any given Sunday are endless. There are the details of scheduling, song selecting, planning, music, chord charts, creative components, technical components, lyric projection, set up, sound checks, media, transitions, team members, and all the last-minute changes.

If we’re not careful, we can get stuck in the ministry whirlwind and forget to look at the big picture. Here are a few things to keep on the horizon to think about now and then:

Next Generation Worship Leaders

You won’t be there forever. Part of your role as the leader is to help create a framework for new worship leaders. What are you doing to invite the next generation in to serve? How are you equipping and who will be leading? Who can you equip? Start small – invite a young worship leader to lead one song. Start by giving music lessons to some of the teens in your congregation. Think about who will be leading in a few years and create space to get the ball rolling.

Worshipping Culture Of Your Church

What is the worship culture of your church?  Are you praying for your pastor and team members?  Are you praying for your church? Are you seeking God and modeling a humble posture of worship leadership? Do you consider yourself a worshiper? What is needed to help grow the worship ministry in your congregation? Is there a step you can take to help move your church forward or help them become engaged? Maybe it’s a new piece of equipment, new music, or a refreshed order of worship some Sunday.

What Does Success Look Like?

How will your team know they’ve succeeded?  Talk with your pastor about what success looks like. Ask questions of your team and listen to their thoughts about what could be great for your church and ministry together. What is your next big goal?  Do you have a vision for the next five years?  Is it Biblical, God-centered and big?  A shared goal can be a huge motivator for your team. Even short-term goals can spark momentum. Remind your team that what they are doing is one important aspect of the ministry of the church. Take a minute to send a thank you note to your team members letting them know how appreciated they are!