The Worship Leader Cheat Sheet


Most Worship Leaders have a heart for God and for the church.  And most are gifted for leading the church in music and worship. All of us can use refreshers on some of the basics, which are available in countless blogs and resources.

But in the whirlwind of Sundays and all the preparation that is required every seven days, here are a few things for which you may need to be reminded.

The Worship Leader Cheat Sheet:

1) Worship With Your Life

Don’t wait for Sundays to worship.  Worship God in the quiet moments, in your car and as you are preparing.  Worship God as you interact with others, as you pastor your team and as you love and shepherd your pastor and others in your church leadership.

2) Know and Do What is Required

Find out what is required and make sure you accomplish the basics really well.  Of course, most leaders will strive to go beyond the basics, but too often we find worship leaders who have too many irons in the fire and, as a result, don’t get done what the church needs most. Help in planning, in preparing and in creating.  Give your best and your all.

3) Build and Develop Leaders

Part of your job in ministry is to help others in the church grow in their gifts and skills.  Worship leaders need to develop leaders who can help make it all happen.  Create opportunities for people to use their gifts.  Follow up with people who show interest.  Be intentional about building the next generation.

4) Do the Best With What You Have

One definition of excellence is doing the very best with what you have.  Assess what you have to work with and utilize it to the fullest potential. A good practice is to think of things you can do to add value to the church without costing a penny.  There are times when you will need to spend money, but you can use your gifts to add value even without spending anything. Build a culture of excellence.

5) Walk with Christ

Get your heart focused on Jesus, your mind focused on His Word and your mouth focused on uplifting, encouraging and blessing. Stay connected to the vine by reading scripture and seeking the Lord. Walk humbly with God as a leader in the church.  You are unique and irreplaceable as God’s child, but easily replaceable as a worship leader.  Keep your priority on Christ and allow your ministry to flow from Him.