Three Foundations To Creating Powerful Moments In Worship


When we experience something new, our brains are working hard to process all the new data and information. When we know what to expect and we’ve already experienced it, our minds don’t have to work as hard, because we can already predict what will most likely happen. We have a script about how things are going to go.

I’ve been reading The Power Of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. The implications of this book for worship planning and for church hospitality are enormous. I recommend it to every worship leader and church hospitality team leader!

As we plan worship times for the church, here are some keys (that I’ve gleaned from this book so far):

Break The Script

A person knows the typical routine for church. We get there, park in generally the same spot, walk through the same door, greet many of the same people, sing in a familiar way, listen to a familiar person, then head home. Our minds can fill in the gaps easily. We’ve done it many Sundays before. But what if, through creative worship planning, even just every four or five weeks, we change the script a little bit. It can be as simple as a guest speaker, a worship music only Sunday, Testimonies, a different worship order, or any other ways that require the congregation to think differently.

Add A Surprise

Part of the reason people love good surprises is because it helps create a peak in the experience. I think this is why daytime talk shows often tell a story, show a powerful video, then announce the person is “here with us today… come on up!” The surprise of seeing the person live is powerful. It creates an electric moment in the room. What are some ways you can add in surprise to worship services?

Do Something New

New songs, new people involved, new routines and new components to worship can all help create a memorable moment. It takes a little planning and it also takes a willingness to risk – to step out and be creative. I’m not sure what it will look like for you, but think of some new way to help create a moment in the church worship service in the next few weeks.

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