The Benefits Of Sharing Dreams For The Ministry


Dreams for your worship ministry can inspire and encourage the team!

I remember during a certain season of our ministry, we had just finished building a stage, upgrading the entire sound and video system, and redoing the worship space in general. I also remember an interesting thing that happened – the team began to stress just a little bit more about music quality, stage presence, and worship flow. It was almost like once we had accomplished this big overhaul, everyone wanted to “live up” to the new space in some way.

Dreaming and vision got us to that point, and several other newer levels (on a smaller scale) since.

Sharing dreams and visions with your team is important and here are some benefits:

Builds A Culture Of Vision

When you talk about dreams and future ministry, it builds a culture of vision in your ministry. Have you ever thought about the people who started your church? The people who made decisions and dreamed dreams for your ministry that you are now living in and reaping the benefits from? We want to pass that along to the next generation too! Dream dreams for your ministry, pray that God’s vision for your church is discovered and that you can build a culture of always thinking of what’s next!

Allows Other People To Add Their Gifts

When we talk about dreams for the ministry, it allows others to add their input and thoughts. If the dream is a small one – like we would love to change the decor or something like that – it may give an open door for someone to take it and run with it. It certainly allows people to add their thoughts, talents and skill or their financial support to make it happen.

Helps Uncover Passion In People

You may never know that someone has a passion for something until they are inspired by a dream! Whether it’s music, drama, tech, speaking, hospitality, or whatever, you can begin to notice excitement from others when they begin talking!

Helps Draw People To The Team

A team with a vision and dream for the next step or a future step will help draw people to the team.

Gives Your Team And Leaders Hope

Sometimes, we go through seasons that require hard work or plugging away with lots of tough stuff. But when your team members see the light at the end of the tunnel, when they know why they are slogging through, it makes it possible to keep up the momentum even when the situation isn’t the best. An example might be a church plant that is renting space, setting up every week, and keeping track of all the details of a nomadic church. When a dream or vision of a permanent space is held high, it can make the hard work a little easier.

Stop Doing So Much Yourself

One added benefit to sharing dreams and visions for ministry is to transfer some of the workloads to folks on the team. The job of the ministry leader is to equip the church to lead, serve and make the ministry happen. As you plant the seeds of dreams and visions for others to take the helm, it motivates your people and allows you to keep focusing on growing others instead of doing every little detail of the ministry.