Thankfulness & Worship Leaders


There is a season for everything. In scripture, we have seasons for grieving, rejoicing, waiting, and many more.  We want to remember to be thankful no matter what we are going through – God can take the bad and use it for good, beauty from ashes. Even in the toughest times, we can be thankful. The early 20’s with the pandemic was one of those times to practice this – but there are other times for each of us. It’s a call to the worshipping congregation – to the church, in general, to keep praising the Lord with thankfulness! 

Here are thoughts about thankfulness and worship ministry.

Thanksgiving is an attitude

An attitude of thanksgiving can change the way you serve. There are times when it can be really frustrating to work with people, but if you are always upset with how your church is doing things, then you’re in for some long stretches of disappointing seasons. An attitude of thanksgiving allows you to be grateful for what you have – even the smallest things. The sound, the mics, the team members, the freedoms, the opportunities, the instruments, your home, your car, etc. The list can go on and on and on.

Thanksgiving is a way of seeing things differently

Don’t dwell on the negative. Do what you need to do to start new habits of seeing the things for which you can be thankful.

Thanksgiving is humility

In thanksgiving, you’re giving someone else credit. Just like in worship, we give God glory and credit – we are doing this in humility knowing how much God has done for us. Have you ever seen a turtle on a fence post? If you have, you know it didn’t get there on its own. No matter what you’re doing in life, you can think of people to thank who helped get you there. Giving thanks to God and to others around you is an act of humility.

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Giving thanks is a command.

We’re called to give thanks. It’s commanded in scripture and one of many examples is Psalm 107:1 – Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. If we don’t give thanks aloud, do people around us know we’re thankful? If we’re only thankful in our hearts, does it help our friends, family, leaders, and church? We’re commanded to live thankful lives and give praise to God! As we do that, it becomes a natural part of who we are every day.

Thankfulness, at its heart, is an act of worship.

Worship isn’t just music – as we describe it these days. Worship is living our lives focused with thanksgiving toward God. We’re thankful for salvation, grace, and hope we find in Christ. Have you ever considered that all worship stems from thankfulness? As you are living out a thankful life, you are worshipping God – every day, not just when you’re leading.

Direct others to give God thanks and praise.

Worship leaders are in a position to help lead and shape the congregation. Take it upon yourselves, along with your pastoral leadership, to call people to keep being thankful. Even during tough times, worship leaders need to call the church to be thankful and to live thankful lives. Keep giving and creating opportunities to do it.