Ten Habits For Which Our Worship Team Can Be Proud


Habits are incredibly powerful. Collectively, they can really make an impact. A group of people can easily fall into habits together – which makes the ones we get into really important. I’m grateful for the worship team at our church and for all the good habits in place.

Though routines and habits can get a bad reputation for being “tradition” or “mundane”, they are an important part of community life together. They give us a framework and help everyone know what to expect.


Here are some good habits our worship team can be proud of:

  • We rehearse most every week on Wednesday evenings to prepare for Sunday.
  • The leadership for the tech ministry, sound ministry, scheduling ministry, and track development/worship flow is shared among several leaders.
  • The team is in the habit of being encouraging to one another.  There isn’t much sarcasm, thankfully.
  • We’re in the habit of utilizing Planning Center to communicate the schedule to each other.
  • The band, vocals, and tech are in the habit of being on the same team together. This is evident in many ways!
  • The whole team is in the habit of arriving early on Sunday to prepare for the morning worship services. Sunday mornings are about a four and a half hour commitment for our teams. The tech team is even in the habit of having it ready before the band arrives!
  • We’re in the habit of mixing the musicians and tech leaders for different weeks – rotating team members.
  • The whole band is in the habit of praying for rehearsals, for the church, and for the ministry together.
  • The team is in the habit of learning new songs.
  • As a team, we strive toward the habit of being in worship as often as possible, even when we aren’t scheduled to serve.

Some of these habits are pretty simple but just add a foundation to keep things moving forward.

To be fair, there are also some bad habits we need to break. If I had to list bad habits I need to break, it would probably be centered around the preparation and the timeliness of getting the songs in order and ready for team members to better prepare for Sunday. Another bad habit area is the disorganization, at times, of supplies and gear backstage. I realize that both of these are products of my own organization and planning – so it begins with me as a leader.

What are some of the worship team habits you can pinpoint in your ministry?

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Celebrate and call out the good habits your team has!