Stop Comparing Yourself With Other Worship Ministries


Most worship leaders technically know that comparing our ministries with others is not good or holy. But it’s not easy to break the habit.

Especially in the upfront and easily highlightable world of worship music, we often find ourselves in the midst of seeing what others are doing, can do or plan to do.

No matter the size of our church, there is always someone around us who is making things seem bigger and better.

We want the worship of Jesus to be as big and great as it can be! We also know that the Church with a capital C is one big organization, all the same team; so in a sense, we’re all making a difference, together.

But, still, the issue remains: how do worship leaders tamp down on the thoughts and feelings that arise as we watch friends and other leaders crank up amazing things in their churches?

What if we could train our hearts and minds to stop comparing and start seeking completion?

This verse is well known, but has a word for us as worship leaders tempted to compare: He who started a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1:6)

A few thoughts:

Use Your Energy To Celebrate

Celebrate with your people at every turn. One key to enjoying the ministry of which you are currently a part is to celebrate the milestones. Celebrate when new people join your team. Celebrate when things go well. Celebrate effective ministry. Celebrate highlights in the lives of people around you. Celebrate each Sunday. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished during team meetings. Celebrate in writing for the church to see. Celebrate birthdays and good news. We often will celebrate with our team through a private facebook group we have together.

Remember Who Is At Work (And Whose Work It Is)

Jesus owns the church. We owe our lives to him. It was Jesus who began a good work in you, and this is being played out as you step into and live out your calling in ministry. But ministry is a byproduct of your life with Christ, not your identity. The kingdom mindset is interesting because there are important players on every turf, at every angle and, by comparing, you’re second-guessing the awesome plan God has for you!

Ministry is a byproduct of your life with Christ, not your identity.

Tim Price, Worship Leader Toolbox

Look Ahead To That Day

I find that looking ahead to the day of Christ Jesus sets a level playing field for every believer. We’re trusting in his promise that his spirit is here among us and that he will one day return! It will be a new day and the only thing that will matter will be, “were you faithful, where you were with what you had?”

Encouragement Over Comparison

I know good things can come from observing the ministry of other leaders and churches. I’m a big proponent of reading great books, attending great conferences, and getting new ideas everywhere I can! Instead of slumping in your chair feeling like you’ll never “have all that” while listening to a speaker or leader, encourage them instead. Send encouraging notes to those leaders. Believe it or not, they are often also struggling with insecurities that come with leadership and comparison. Social media has put “big names” right into the mix of everyday people. Find those ministry leaders on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and encourage them in the name of the Lord. It’s one practical step to squelch your comparing issues. The same goes for your friends in ministry – encourage them!

And allow the things you experience and learn from other ministries to encourage your own church and ministry team! Be inspired to grow, change, adapt, create and lead your church the best you can with what and who you have right now! But stop comparing.