Small Improvements Over Time Will Stack Up To Amazing Results


There are times when a church worship ministry gets a complete overhaul – but those are few and far between. Most often, the improvements you make will be incremental.

But small steps each week will snowball. If you make one small improvement each week, at the end of the year, 52 things will be better and the overall ministry will be humming! You’ll see amazing results.

As a bonus, if you want to exponentially grow, you need to empower your team members with the authority (and inspiration/vision) to make small, baby-step improvements each week! That will really stack up to some amazing things by year’s end.

So, what areas can a worship leader improve? What is an example of a small weekly improvement? Here are a few to get you started…

  • Mic and music stand placement for best view of congregation and cameras
  • Spruce up the presentation of your music worship space
  • Make one new wireless purchase – for your instrument or voice
  • Maintain the equipment you have and plan for incremental replacement – something you might delegate
  • Have an equipment inventory and organization day
  • Install a confidence monitor in the back for the worship team
  • Purchase a new chair(s) for the video/audio team
  • Purchase some new drumsticks or guitar strings and just set them near the worship team for anyone’s use
  • Fix one messed up a chord chart
  • Document a process or system – and share it with your team
  • Invite someone to join your group or ministry out of the blue – you might be surprised
  • Memorize the opening song for this week
  • Meet with a key stakeholder in your ministry team
  • Spruce up your planning systems – how and when


  • Create a time slot to receive and welcome feedback from your pastor
  • Buy a new mic
  • Learn a new song
  • Take one musical instrument lesson
  • Have someone take pro photos of your team some Sunday
  • Listen to the Worship Leader Toolbox Podcast this week
  • Attend a worship ministry conference this year
  • Write down your goals for the next two years
  • Rework your rehearsal flow for maximum efficiency
  • Meet with your team each Sunday and spend five-ten minutes talking through these quotes and scriptures

You’ll be amazed what can happen in a year when you do one little improvement each week!

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