Christmas is a high point for your church. You may notice, depending on the context of your community, that more people are around the church during the Christmas season – friends, family, guests, candlelight services, parties, etc. Invest this time to prepare well. It’s a great opportunity to reach people with the message of hope only found in Jesus.

The Christmas season may be a good time to do some creative stuff with your worship team. December is already a busy month, so this can’t become too overwhelming, but planning ahead – like starting now – can help encourage, include and support the worship team as we wind down this calendar year while simultaneously kicking off the liturgical year.

Of course, music is an important part and you will be getting that rolling very soon – if you want to do something creative. But this blog post and podcast is focused on other creative things you can do to engage, thank, and have fun with the worship team this Christmas!

Here are some fun ideas for celebrating the season with your worship team:


Pick a good song and a good Sunday to highlight the musical skills of your team members by doing “solos.” Christmas is also a good time to invite different members of the team (or congregation) to sing a solo during worship.

Open House

Have an open house in your home or at the church. Invite the worship team and families, have some food and just hang out.

Christmas Carol

Go Christmas Caroling or visit a retirement community to play some music. It’s easy to print off guitar chords and sing Christmas songs – there’s not a ton of prep needed, just some organization and invitation.

Ugly Sweater Day

Last year, the whole worship band picked a Sunday where we wore ugly Christmas sweaters. It was fun conversation before and after worship for the whole congregation.

Group Gift

There is some expense for band members that often go unnoticed. Use some budget money to buy a small stock of guitar strings, pics, tuners, water bottles, batteries, etc and give them as a gift to the whole worship team. Keep them in the back for those times people need extra supplies.

Take a Break

Give the worship team a break. After a busy Christmas season, figure out some special thing for the last Sunday in December or the first Sunday in January to allow your worship team to take a breather.

Serve Together

Sign up to deliver food, serve a meal, help with set up, collect money/gifts for a family, or some other way to volunteer and serve together as a team outside of music.