Practice Is Personal, Rehearsal Is Relational


Healthy team members understand this: Practice Is Personal, Rehearsal Is Relational.

Worship team members must invest time at home running through their parts, checking out the songs, and ensuring they know what they are doing before the group rehearsal.

Worship team members probably need to carve out time on their calendars to practice at home for an hour or so during the week (before their scheduled Sunday).

Leaders must also understand the need for correct song charts, keys, and flow. They must send these songs to the team for that week with ample lead time for people to practice.

When a group gets together midweek, it’s usually self-evident who hasn’t practiced independently. They ask questions like, “Is this a new song?” Or say, “I haven’t ever heard this before!” They may get lost after the bridge, may not be quite sure of the melody, or may not know what the lead part is but promise “to have it ready by Sunday.”

When a group is together trying to figure out a particular person’s part, you lose time for fine-tuning the overall worship band. And don’t forget, when you spend ten minutes working with an individual, you haven’t just wasted ten minutes; you’ve squandered ten minutes times the number of people in your worship team—so maybe 70 minutes have gone down the drain.

During rehearsal, you want to ensure everyone is in sync and working on intros, endings, energy, volume, harmonies, stage presence, and overall worship flow.

Of course, for many worship leaders, it’s not easy to publicly or verbally point out someone’s lack of preparation. So, maybe it’s just a quick conversation after the rehearsal. Or maybe it’s just forwarding this blog post to the whole group as a blanket reminder—”we’re all cheering each other on to come prepared to each midweek rehearsal so we can be the best we can be as a worship team for our church!”

Practice at home and rehearse together. In other words, practice is personal, and rehearsal is relational! It takes time, but you will enjoy the ministry much more when you’re prepared and ready!