Outwardly Visible Worship Is Important


Worship is about the heart, it’s personal and of course, there is no one way to correctly worship. There are some ingredients in scripture, but they range from dancing to lifting hands, to praise to quiet reverence. Other aspects we find include taking off shoes, gathering with others, and making music. Jesus tells us to worship in spirit and in truth.

As we continue through this pandemic, most churches are experiencing all or some of these things:

  • singing may be limited
  • the congregation is spaced out in the worship space
  • many services are broadcast online in some way

These three things make outwardly visible worship even more important.

When the congregation is alive – clapping, raising hands, engaging – visibly, it adds life to the gathering.

An alive congregation attracts people and gives a sense of hope.

As is often the case, this suppression of worship gatherings due to an unfortunate pandemic has actually given the church a chance to grow and flourish. We may come out on the other side with a church that is more thankful for the opportunity to gather in worship. There will be more passionate, active and alive worship with the people who are committed to gathering in person.

One side thought is, as people begin to come back to worship, the more extroverted folks will more than likely be the first ones back to the building. Use this time with them to encourage and invite them to visibly and outwardly worship.

Teach your people. Model worship.

Another way to encourage active worship is to call people even while a large percentage of most everyone’s congregation is online only. Calling and inviting people to engage with comments, emojis and responses through the service may be a good step toward more alive and active worship when a majority of the church is back in person.

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