Smiling is a gift and makes a difference in your ministry and worship leadership.

It’s been documented a million times over how a smile can not only improve your own attitude, but it does wonders for your connections with others. A smile is gold in leadership and in ministry.

Plus, Christians should smile a lot. Of course there are times when life is tough and not every single moment is a complete joy, but too many people just don’t smile enough. I think there are a few reasons for this: 1) we’re looking at our phones with a concentration look; 2) we’re taking life too seriously; 3) we are stuck in our thoughts; and 4) we squeezed the word, prayer and connection with God right out of our morning routines and weekly corporate worship routines.

For worship leaders, there are times when a smile isn’t appropriate, but here are nine times when smiles should be natural and abundant.

Rehearsals and Community Times

I know rehearsals can require concentration and can also be stressful at times. But before rehearsal, do your best to greet people with a smile. Smile when people make a joke or try to be funny. Smile when someone tells a story. Smile when parts go well! You’re free during rehearsal to smile.

Welcome and Greeting Times Before Worship

Before and after the worship service, as you are with your team and with the congregation, be sure to smile.

With Your Family

Sometimes, I find that I’m smiling with everyone around and then when I approach my family before or after worship, we go into planning mode or something. So don’t forget to smile with your family. In fact, they are one of three greetings you should make on Sundays.

During The Opening and Worship Greeting

Worship should begin with confidence and joy! Be sure to smile as you greet people in the name of the Lord for worship.

During Fun or Creative Components On Stage

If someone is sharing a testimony and includes something funny, be sure to be engaged in that and to be smiling. It’s awkward for the people on stage to be looking gloomy and not reacting to what’s happening.

As Others Lead Or Share

Like the previous one, most of this happens naturally. One place I see it happen is when kids are involved in something. People in the worshipping church are always smiling and we should be too, whether we can see their faces or not.

During Baptisms and Other Celebrations

When we’re celebrating as a church, the worship leader and team needs be joining in that celebration! Baptisms, milestone announcements and other things of that nature should cause us to smile and rejoice.

After Worship

When the service is over, you can smile as you walk off stage and you can also smile at the end of worship. Smile at your team, smile with those who approach you with a compliment, comment or suggestion, etc.

When You Get Home

Maybe among the most important, when you arrive home, smile! It’s a simple, yet powerful way to make a connection.

I don’t think you need a joke to smile, but sometimes, at least in certain settings, it doesn’t hurt. It’s always good to connect with humor if you can. Here are a few jokes I’ve collected.

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