Keys To An Effective College Worship Band


There are hundreds of college worship teams.  Here are some things that your college worship band has going for them:

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Relationships – College students have a web of close relationships and they can easily invite friends to join them in the ministry. It’s not always easy to find worship team members, but there’s a good chance someone in your group knows someone else who can help.

Close proximity – College students, are for the most part, in one centralized area.

Flexible schedules – College students can practice at odd times, meet together on a regular basis and are able to make it happen.

Authenticity – College students are seeking and desiring to grow in faith.

Simplicity – Looking back on it, college life, even though it seems crazy, is really quite simple.

Here’s what college worship teams need from leaders:

1.  Feedback

College worship bands need feedback. One of the best things a leader can do is offer feedback about the music, about the leadership, about the specific worship service or about the connections.  When something works well, bring it up and encourage it.  When something doesn’t work well, share it quickly, frankly and lovingly.  We’re all in this together and worship ministry is a big part of campus ministry – no matter the level or size of the organization.

2.  Nudging

College worship bands need someone to nudge them into directions for effectiveness.  Are people worshiping and singing?  Is the ministry growing?  Is the worship team effective?  They need to be nudged to use their gifts, to be disciplined, to practice, to grow, to be organized. It’s for the sake of the ministry and for the sake of their growth.

3.  Opportunities for Training and Growth

College worship bands need training.  They need to know that growing and learning in leadership is a lifelong objective.  Take them / send them to a worship conference.  Invite someone in to listen to them, give them advice, consult with them. This isn’t only beneficial for this season of their lives, but for future ministries they will serve.

4.  Equipment

College worship bands need equipment.  They need proper sound and media equipment.  If at all possible, they need to have house instruments to make it easier to rehearse and lead. Support the work and ministry by providing what is needed.

5.  Structure and Expectation

Young adults, in general, need structure and expectation.  Raise the bar for the worship team and you’ll be surprised how others want to get involved.  The entry points become clear and people know what the goal is.  Documentation is key for setting expectation.  If you don’t write it down, how will they know?

6.  Passion for Reproducing Leaders

College worship bands, by nature, are seasonal and need to have a passion for reproducing leaders.  How can you help develop others?  Who can they invite to participate?  What is your system for replacing the leadership in the worship team? Build a culture of reproducing leaders in your ministry.

7. Authentic Leadership

College worship ministries need leaders who are authentic.  We must care for student’s lives.  We must ask questions.  We must share our lives with them. There has to be real relationship.  This is what will help keep students committed and connected. And this will help motivate worship leaders to stick with the ministry – in many cases with little or no money involved.  They need access to you.  They need you to be a leader.

8. A Ministry focused on Jesus

The ministry needs to be focused on Jesus.  Not political issues, not relational issues and not outreach ideas – we must be focused on Jesus.  If lives are going to be transformed in Christ, it’s going to require that we focus on Jesus – he is the author and perfecter of faith.