Be Thankful For Obstacles – They Often Bring About The Best Innovation


Innovation often comes because we hit a roadblock. We’re forced to come up with a solution to move forward. We should be thankful for roadblocks. They call us to action.


First, we have to decide if it’s worth it. Is the vision worth it? If it’s not something worth striving for, we’re not going to work hard to innovate to solve the problem. What is the vision for your worship ministry and your worship team? What are your goals? Take time to reflect and discern. Come away with WHY you are doing this in the first place. What was the calling behind serving in this way? Pray for God’s holy spirit to motivate you. Determine to innovate for the sake of the kingdom and gospel message. You may be the one to do this now, at this time, in this place.


Innovation is the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process, or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage. There is always room for improvement and innovation in your ministry. Here are some ideas to get started:


Systems are designed to help you accomplish your goal. Systems are tools and can be used to make it easier for everyone to participate and move the same direction. The problem with systems is that some can be bad, but we still use them out of habit. Is there something you can pinpoint isn’t working well in your worship ministry? What could you change? Is there a system that is no longer needed or one that you need to implement? When you’re innovating to improve your systems, you have to communicate clearly and involve others to provide ownership for your whole team.


Every church and worship ministry is blessed with whom God has sent you to join in ministry. These folks are your partners. The resources you have are what you can work with. The time is now, this is the place and you have the opportunity to build into your team a dream and vision for the future. We don’t set rigid expectations to control but to open doors for ministry. One of the best motivators for a volunteer team is seeing success from their efforts. Determine new ways to move your team higher through setting expectations and sharing your dreams.


How can you take what you have and make it something good? Can you combine two older things to make something new? Is there a way to purchase a portion of what you need and then call on someone with the gifts to build, create or connect the new components in new ways. One example might be the lighting we had in our Family Life Center. After the first few months of the new, professional installation, we determined a slightly better fit for our needs. One our guys got up there, cut, reconfigured and made it work better. We’ve been using it that way since.


Can you be innovative in the way you’re communicating with your team? Can you think of new ways to help connect your team in training, community and service? Sometimes the simplest things can be new and innovative again – like visiting doorsteps with a gift or making a phone call. Each or these has emerged again as we have experienced Covid issues during the Spring of 2020.


As the leader grows, the organization is able to grow too. The best way to produce quality work and leadership in your ministry is to remain disciplined in your own life and work. Time management is a huge blessing – to you, your home and your team. When you managing your time well, you can be focused and present in the moment, you can accomplish more and you can give others a meaningful opportunity to add their gifts and skills to the mix.


Innovating your rehearsals may be about creating new processes. Getting input about new music from you team, setting the tone for rehearsals or incorporating an aspect of community and connection during the time slots you have to work with. For a while, we used some conversation culture-building cards each Sunday during our circle time. We created these so we could spur on short conversations with the team members. [take a look or purchase here]

How to begin innovating:

  • Clarify your roadblock and name it.
  • Invest some time in creating some solutions.
  • Enlist someone tor a small group to talk through it with you.
  • Just start something to see how it works.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t say “I’m not creative.” You’re the worship leader in your church right now, during this time and for a reason. Keep being faithful as you do your best to serve Christ’s church and grow an effective ministry.