Every Worship Leader Needs To Lead Kids’ Worship Now And Then


I think every worship leader and worship team member should lead worship for kids’ ministry now and then. It helps us understand more of what it means to have childlike faith and it also gives the worship leader and team a different experience of energy and connection.

There’s a reason Jesus puts such an emphasis on a child-like faith in the kingdom. I think we see this in worship in big ways. Here are four ways children teach the church about worship:

It’s Natural – Kids will naturally be in awe, be excited, respond to invitations, give their all.

It’s Humble – Kids come into worship with a humble attitude and a teachable heart.

It’s Not Self-Absorbed – They’re not really worried about what others are thinking or doing.

It’s Energetic – Kids bring endless energy in volume, action, and engagement.

Leading kids isn’t about lower expectations, but it’s about childlike freedom.

Kids don’t wonder if it’s ok to sing and clap – they just do.

Kids are all in physically during worship.

This energy allows for huge engagement between the worshipping congregation and the worship leadership team.

Kids’ worship requires getting to their level and helping invite them in. It’s a good discipline to understand that the worship team has a specific job to help be a bridge for the congregation. You have to be willing to do the songs and use the components that will help the congregation, no matter the age, worship from the heart.

Song motions may fall into this category. Some “kids” worship songs have actions to help kids learn the words, engage their bodies and their minds as they sing and to help remember it later. These songs aren’t beneath the worship leader – they are tools in the quiver to help engage the church.

Obviously, we wouldn’t want to do a list of specific kids songs in the “regular” worship service on a regular Sunday. In the same way, especially if your congregation pulls the kids out for their own time of ministry during the weekend worship service, we want to make sure we’re doing the songs and including the components that will help the congregation move closer to God. Start where they are.

How does a worship leader lead for kids?

Take any opportunity you can. Help with VBS. Help with a summer camp with your kids or students. Help lead a Sunday a semester or year during kids worship – maybe even just after your worship leading obligations are finished up in the sanctuary. This also has the added benefit of kids getting to know the worship leader so they are ready to incorporate into worship as they graduate from kids’ ministry.

I have a heart for kids ministry worship. And I believe everyone should experience joy from time to time!