Don’t Re-Preach The Sermon


Sometimes, worship leaders can be tempted to summarize, add to, or share a challenge based on the message the pastor has just shared.

The best approach to closing out the worship service might be to lead the song and let the Holy Spirit work in the moment.

As the message ends, there are some ways to transition…

✅ Approach the stage area reverently

✅ Potentially stagger team member entrance to the stage

✅ Add background music toward the end of the message/closing prayer. Background music, such as an instrumental pad or guitar sounds, can make a difference in the message’s closing. (read all about that here).

✅ Be sensitive to the spirit’s leading for potential modifications – You may want to begin the song more slowly, start with a chorus, or extend the intro a little bit if people are responding.

I’ve seen churches where the worship leader senses a need to say something, but most often, the song follows the message. It’s possible that something needs to be said, so we want to save those moments – maybe once or twice a year – when the spirit is truly leading and compelling us to do so. But don’t make it a weekly ritual.