Development is the second step in the 5-D Worship Leadership Process.  Read the intro blog here.  After Dedication – your team being dedicated to God, to each other and to the church, development begins to play a huge role.  How will your team grow?  With the full schedules of volunteers in our ministry, they will need to be motivated to be developed.

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing

How do you develop people?  Well, you get a vision of the end product.  People who both have a heart for God and are gifted at what they do.  This group becomes committed to growing in artistry, musicianship and as you serve the church together.

Make opportunities available for them to grow in their skill.  Help them see good models for worship leadership.  Give them the right tools to grow in their gift.  Present feedback from worship services and attenders so that the team can learn from mistakes.

Part of helping to develop people is helping them determine the best fit for them to serve.  If they don’t have gifts for ministry through worship music and worship arts, then helping them find a place to serve is one of the best steps (though not always easy) you can take.

Once you have the team, you begin to work with them to bring about the needed gifts and skills to accomplish the purpose.

Here are some practical ways to help your team develop.

1.)  Training events or training videos

2.)  Death of the “knowledge hogs”

3.)  Music Team Library of instructional dvd’s and books or send links to websites and tutorial videos out on a regular basis.

4.)  Quarterly team meetings

5.)  De-Complicate Equipment & label

6.)  Cross training with tech directors

7.)  Troubleshooting equipment

8.)  Team development – improving communication

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing

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