Delivery is the fourth step in the 5-D worship leadership process.  Read the intro blog here.  This is a big one, because it’s the presentation that everyone sees.  Too often, when delivery fails in some way, we try to fix the delivery only.  In fact, what we need to do is look at the other steps in the 5-D process –Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing – to see what fits together to bring about great delivery each weekend.

Here are some practical ways to improve delivery for your weekend worship services:

1.)  Standardized sound check protocol

2.)  Meeting with Tech Director

3.)  Rehearse the music and the flow on rehearsal nights

4.)  Transitions pre-written

5.)  Pre-service sound signal line check

6.)  Backup plans

      a.)  backup computer

      b.)  backup projector bulbs

      c.)  backup spotlight bulbs

7.) Audio in the green room for cues

8.) Everyone involved have instruction, know the mic they are to use, when to sit down, etc.

9.) Prayer as a team before heading to lead the congregation in worship.

These ideas and whatever ideas you need to have in place to make delivery better will help in the overall worship experience.  And there really isn’t an end to this process of making it better.  What works great this Sunday will continually need to be improved upon.  And what didn’t worked will need to be tweaked.  All this happens through Debriefing, the final step in the process.

One more note about Delivery: some people’s emotions rise and fall with success on stage as a worship team.  Successful worship leadership doesn’t stop or end based on how you may have messed up one Sunday morning.  We want to do our best, but when the times come that it doesn’t connect on an obviously and outwardly energetic level, trust that God is at work anyway.  These kind of days just happen.

If you want to know how your doing, one question you can ask yourself is: Did the church sing? That’s one easy, obvious goal to shoot for. Here’s a great podcast from Grant Norsworthy on this topic.

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing

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