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Debriefing is the final D of the worship leading process.  Debriefing helps you repeat successes and not mistakes.  Talking about the service helps fine-tune what needs to happen in the future.  There isn’t an end to this process because the style, needs, and people are constantly changing.  There are so many variables, that debriefing needs to occur each and every week.

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing

Debriefing is accomplished in several ways, depending on the nature of the leadership team. Full time staff and leaders often meet early in the week to debrief and determine what needs to be changed and what can be enhanced.  Part-time staff who aren’t available to meet during the week either debrief through email and phone calls or through a set meeting another time during the week.

In either case, some of the best debriefing occurs right as the worship times are being finished.  As you are standing around with your team and others, you are debriefing the service. The trick is, to remember what you have talked about and make a change in some direction or another.

Critique versus criticism is important here.  We want to keep in mind that our end goal is to make things better, not to tear down people.  The church often steers clear of critique for fear of hurting people’s feelings.  We need to be build a healthy view of being in this thing together, wanting each person to do/become their best in the ministry they are called to. 

Here are some practical ideas to help with the Debriefing part of the process:

1.)  Video the service and watch it for improvements

2.)  Surveys of worship attenders

3.)  Team for debriefing with a set of questions

4.)  Use chat or text group to talk after

5.)  Emails sent from those who serve to team about challenges or successes

6.)  After equipment reporting, test and troubleshoot equipment

7.)  Take information given, communicate and implement

What do you need to work on for next week? 

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing