Cultural Influence Must Follow Intimacy With Christ


If your influence is growing beyond your intimacy with Jesus, repent.

In this continued season of high-impact songwriting, modern and hip dress codes for worship leaders, highly publicized and influential images, social media, and videos, it’s all too easy to tip the scales toward a hollow and shallow ministry.

I’m not judging here; just want to remind us that our influence must follow our intimacy with Jesus.

Most worship leaders start with the heart, calling, and desire to help the church grow, but the day of staying committed to a congregation for the long haul has changed. The idea that you could be planted to help a generation move toward Jesus without moving or being promoted to some other posts has become somewhat rare.

Of course, the Lord can move us at any time and the Lord can bring about powerful influence through our lives.

But intimacy with Christ must be the foundation and the constant.

Think about it – even with all the influence you may have, eventually, you will fade away. You won’t be at the top. You won’t be serving in your church in the same way. You may not even be remembered. The thing we hold onto when obscurity comes is our relationship with Jesus.

Build Your Prayer Life

Some ways that help me pray is to have a prayer list. I also typically will journal my prayers. I do this in a google doc folder and have nearly 1000 pages from years past. I also add prayer to my to-do list. At first it seems a little forced but the scripture reminds us, in writing, to stop and pray – all we can! Become a pray-er and watch God do a work in your life and heart.

Worship Faithfulness

As leaders, we have the structure, details and functionality of worship to think about each week. But stay faithful to worshipping God in a reqular rhythm. I know there is a Sunday here or there that requires us not be fully present in worship but try not to make that the habit. Sit among the people, be there, giving your all to God.

Create A Prayer Team

Most often, we think of this as a team for a special event or the church as a whole. But what if it was for you? What if you build a team that prayed for you and your ministry, your home, life and heart. This could be a group you meet with personally or it could be a texting loop or email list.

Be Content With Your Geographically Close Ministry

It’s a labor of love to travel and it’s great to have influence on social media – lots of good kingdom work comes from each of those! But it’s the geographically close, consistent connections that help our own spiritual depth and growth happen. We have to know and be known. Our influence will be stronger and more long-lasting if we are challenged and grounded with a group of committed people around us.

Praying for your influence – there’s more opportunity than ever to make a difference, create the ripple effect of faith and leave a legacy. This all begins as we keep Jesus as our focus and personally grow in him.