Worship Ministry Coaching Session

My name is Tim Price.

I have been a worship leader for years.

I lead in our church and I lead through Harvest Ministry – both since the 90’s.

The Lord has given me a heart for church leaders. By God’s grace, I have lived out that calling spending time with pastors, staff and leaders, equipping training and encouraging through conversations, blog posts, resources and the Worship Leader Toolbox Podcast.

As someone who has been in the trenches (and still am), I know that there are some natural highs and lows in the ministry. When you bump up against a barrier, talking with someone can be a great way to get some clarity. A one hour, stand-alone coaching call can offer some perspective and encouragement as you progress.

Investing in these times is a win win for you and the church. The stronger and clearer you are in your role, the stronger the ministry will be. Of course, God uses us in our weakness, too, and that’s why we need each other.

If you find yourself with a few questions about how to get from here to there in local church ministry, book a call, and let’s talk.

Here’s the flow:

Book the appointment.

Email a summary of your ministry / issue / question.

I will do some reflection, we will connect on the phone, and visit.