Building Strong Relationships Is A Huge Part Of The Job Of A Worship Leader


Worship leaders are helping people connect with and draw closer to God.

Part of the strength in doing this is through relationships.

I’ve learned that you lead more effectively, serve the church with more committment, and grow in Christ more deeply, when relationships are strong, growing and deep.

Here are five relationships that are important in your ministry.

Relationships with your team members

You want to know your team members and be a pastor for them. Pray for them. Visit together. Create opportunities for community events. Know their names, families names and send notes of appreciation and at times, gifts. Give them access to you – texts, emails, responses and pertinent (available) inside info about the church. Share your vision and dreams for the ministry. Help challenge them to grow musically and spiritually.

Friendship with your church

You want to know people in your church. Having friendships and connections with others around you is a great way to not only belong and help build the church, it allows you to grow. It’s good to be a small group other than worship ministry team events. It’s good to be in worship and stay even after the music portion. You want people to know you.

Connections with your pastor

The worship leader pastor role is really important. If there’s a rift, people see right through it. You can have frank discussions and fruitful disagreements, but the bottom line comes when the worship leader knows someone is in charge and must lead. As you build a connection, you’re helping to support the vision. You’re adding fuel to the momentum of a healthy and growing church. Pastors are busy – so as the worship leader, it’s good to plan times to meet. Have lots of grace, pray for your pastor and trust that God has you where you are meant to be for this season.

Harmony in and priority of your home

Life is a balance, but if you’re going to get out of balance, try not to let it be with your family and your home. One of the most important relationships is that of your micro mission field. If you lose at your relationships with your spouse and children, you lose the ministry, too. Find times to be together, prioritize family events, trips, and evenings at home. Be an Eph. 5 kind of husband or wife to love and serve each other as Christ loves the church. You might need to look at your calendar right now and make some sort of adjustment for this week. It’s not the big moments that matter in the home – it’s the everyday ones.

Communion with Christ

Of all the relationships you have, your communion with Jesus is the soul giving one. It’s the deep well of refreshments, the timeless wisdom, the spring of joy, the love that keeps us committed and the grace that keeps up going. You don’t want to short change the relationship with Jesus through prayer and his word. You want to know him more.