Amazing Results Come From A Tight Focus


Most people have no idea of the great capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on a single area.

Tony Robbins

Until you have a tight focus, most of your resources are being split between several parts of your ministry. The best way to begin to see amazing results is to focus all your resources – people, production, space – on a singular mission.

For local church worship ministry teams, our overarching goal and focus is on helping our congregations engage in giving God praise in worship. But within that general mission, what area are you working on right now?

Where do you need to focus your time, attention, manpower and money to help enhance your ministry and move to the next step?

What is your current vision? What do you want to accomplish? It may be as simple as trying to increase your visual stage presence for your team or it may be as complex as getting a team recruited as you begin a new worship service.

The clearer the vision becomes, the easier it is to accomplish it.

When everyone can “see” the vision, they know what they can do to move toward it. It allows everyone to add their gifts to the success and the outcome. Additionally, it helps you as the leader to do the things that matter most. The clearer the vision, the more likely you are to see the next step. What do you need to work on today? What can make the most difference? What is your job today?

When focus increases, options decrease.

There are many great things we can do. But when focus increases, the options decrease. Now we have to pull the trigger, make a decision, take the plunge. Until you have a clear focus on the desired outcome, the numerous options may stall your progress.

Another product of an increased focus is a clear reason to say “no” to certain things. As a worship team, you can truly shrink your mission to one or two main things. As you focus, your options will naturally stop competing because you’ll be too busy keeping the main things effective.

On what can you begin to focus today? As an idea, here’s a practical way that we have rallied our resources around a tight focus: we want every online service to look like Christmas Eve. We did put lots of eggs in the basket for Christmas Eve. We raised up the music, the tech, the post production, the team members – all of it. And now, as we have narrowed our focus for the next few months, it’s been awesome to get a sense that everything is striving toward this simple goal: make every service that way!

Amazing results truly do come from a tight focus.

Blessings in your ministry as you begin to focus on a single area.

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