Through the praise of children and infants, you have established a stronghold… Psalm 8:2 

Some churches have separate kid’s worship the whole hour, often for each hour of worship.  Other churches worship together in one room at one time – kids, students, and adults together. Some churches dismiss kids halfway through worship in a children’s church setting. There are numerous ways to minister to kids during worship on Sunday and we need to keep creating opportunities for children to praise the Lord.

But how important is it to incorporate kids into worship on a regular basis? When I read this verse in Psalm 8, I began to brainstorm some ways, some of which we have done and some of which I’d like to try.

Here are seven ways to help the church experience the kids proclaiming God’s glory!


Do you have a children’s choir? Get them singing in church now and then. If you don’t have a kids’ choir, plan a Sunday where you invite the entire children’s ministry/Sunday School to come into the worship services and sing a song they’ve learned.

Preschool Ministry Sunday

If you have a preschool, daycare or school connected to your church, have a day when you put emphasis on inviting every family and have the kids share a song or a skit together. If not, try something related to inviting families to come and be prayed for as school is beginning.


Get a video of kids answering questions for a message illustration. Get video of kids singing or learning during kids ministry and just play it some morning. Ask kids how they praise the Lord.

Interviews & Testimonies

Bring some kids up and interview them in worship. Talk about their faith, what they’re learning and how they worship. Maybe talk with kids about a special trip or camp they just went on with the church. Allow them to praise and thank God by telling the story with the congregation. Unlike many adults, kids love speaking into a mic!

Baby Intros

Introduce babies who are in worship for the first time. Make it a point to highlight the children on Sundays in various ways.


Utilize kids’ art in worship. Invite kids to worship God through drawing and art. An example might be a series of pictures telling a Bible story or Christmas decor created by kids and displayed. Not every kid will resonate to singing – though most naturally do – but art is another great expression in worship.

Go Big

Lift up and celebrate Kid’s Sundays, VBS Closing Services, Family Worship Days and other times when kids will have an opportunity to be in worship. Do all you can to make them a big deal!

I like the focus scripture puts on children and I like the idea of creating ways for the church to experience kids giving praise to God. There’s something awesome about their witness being a viable part of the life of the church!  Let’s not miss out.

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