The goal of the worship team is to help engage the church in meaningful corporate worship.  This doesn’t just happen automatically.  It requires many factors to fall into place.  Above all, it requires a heart captured by God.  A spirit filled leader who is willing to humbly walk the road as a servant leader in the congregation.

The five D’s of Worship Leadership Development, a concept I got from my brother who is a worship leader in a local church, aids in the process of development and moving forward.

Dedication – Development – Direction– Delivery – Debriefing

Each of the Five D’s is tied together.  For example, it’s hard to have development when you have no direction.  If there isn’t a plan, far enough in advance, the team doesn’t know what they are trying to learn or develop in.  As a result, dedication wains.  If you have development, direction and great delivery, but the dedication to God or the the church isn’t in place, then you have something that is shallow and hollow and won’t last.  If you have dedication and direction in place, but no development, both the solid musicians and the weaker ones begin to get frustrated.  If you have bad delivery for a weekend service, you can’t just blame on aspect – but it’s a mix of direction, development and dedication to personal practice, group rehearsal and detailed planning.  If you don’t debrief, you wind up repeating mistakes from all categories.


As you can see, they all tie together to bring about the ultimate goal of a worship band – to help people connect with Jesus and to give their all during worship.

We all want great delivery on Sunday morning, don’t we? What aspect do you need to work on in your ministry?  We’ll begin with Dedication here.